The First MIUVEF: Call for Submissions




The First MIUVEF is coming to Fukuoka, Japan on Nov 6, 2018! With the goal to provide a platform for young professionals in the visual media field from all over the world to communicate, we have set up various prizes to encourage the development of this art form. We now invite each of you who meet our requirements to submit your work as a candidate! 



1、Prize Category

   1)       Story

   2)       Documentary

   3)       Animation

   4)       Experimental

   5)       2-D Photography

   6)       Smartphone Production


We have set up one First-Place Award ,Second-Place Award, and Third-Place Award for each category. Additionally, there will be one MEIHODO Grand Award. (Totaled 37 prizes)


2、Requirement of Submissions:


   1) Candidates: undergraduate students, master students, doctoral students, professionals who graduated from college within the past five years (aged 35 or under)


   2) Categories: Story, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, 2-D Photography, Smartphone production, Others


   3) Work Submitted:


   Stories and Documentaries: Within 30 min

   Animation, Experimentals, and Other: 3-30 min

   Smartphone Productions: 3-5 min

      ※File type: .mov

      ※Subtitles: All submissions are required to be accompanied with a Word-format document containing an introduction, cast & crew, and a poster of the work in English and Chinese (or Japanese). Submissions with scripts are required to include English subtitles, and a Word-format document with text scripts in English and Chinese (or Japanese).

      ※For 2-D Photography: .tiff file type, length*width not lower than 1.2m pixel (e.g. 4k*3k or 6k*2k). Length not lower than 1k pixel.



   4)   To submit:


     JP:5-13-10, Omachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0007, Japan

            Earth Voice Project 

            Enokida, Ryuji

            Tel 080-8048-1932



The MIUVEF Committee will ask candidates for original files once their submissions are nominated. Candidates who fail to provide such files on time will be deemed as withdrawing their submissions. 




The call of submission for the first MIUVEF holds until Sep 10, 2018.



4、 Agreements:


   1)  Candidates should only submit works of their own without disputable copyright issues. Candidates should refrain from invading copyright, portrait, privacy, etc., of a third party. Candidates are responsible for any legal consequences that their submitted works might cause.

   2)  The MIUVEF Committee will upload nominated submissions to YouTube and Tencent Video websites, and publish them on The committee may also reevaluate the published works based on the reaction of general audience.

   3)  For all nominated works, the MIUVEF host and co-organizers have the right to copy, distribute, screen, and publish information on the Internet for non-profit purposes to pitch the Festival, for which no additional monetary reward will be granted.


   4)  Candidates who participate in the first MIUVEF agree to the above terms and policies. The Committee reserves the right for all explanations.







MIUVEF  Executive committee