Opening ceremony  November.6th 10:30-11:30





Aso~when could we meet at that bridge

Coal Mine Festival: The Moon Rabbit



Yuki Murakami

Fumi Murakami

Mikko Miyake



















Yuki Murakami


Singer, song-writer, and pianist


She is known as “the No.1 Singer for TV-Ads” in Japan, as her song for a famous Japanese residential construction company. She sings quietly and distantly, like a narrator telling stories with a peaceful but powerful sense. Her voice is knowns as “Heaven’s voice”. In addition to her vocal performance, her piano also calms listeners down.





















Fumi Murakami




She is the principal violinist in an orchestra in Chikuhou,Japan named “Philharmonie”. So far, they have released 5 albums. They participated actively in the events supporting the earthquakes in east Japan, Kumamoto and Asakura.





















Mikko Miyake




She is a soloist that mainly performs classical music. She is also well-known in orchestral ensemble and chorus accompany.




Award ceremony  November 6th  18:30-21:30


Opening performance


Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko

Special performer

Carry you

My Neighbor TOTORO

Singer : Azumi Inoue



The Color of Four

Meihodo Seirensha

hare-hare parade




Ryukyu matsuri daiko


RMD originated in Okinawa in 1982, combining traditional Eisa and Karate forms with contemporary influences and music to create a new and unique taiko style. The club has grown tremendously and now includes chapters all around the world. Our own Hawaii chapter now includes branches Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island. Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko's members are committed to working together to build and maintain cross-cultural friendships. They invite people of all backgrounds to join them in exploring and perpetuating Okinawan culture through the art and spirit of taiko.




















Inoue Azumi


Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, Azumi Inoue has become a singer since 1983.In1986, she Sang the them song for the Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki film


Laputa :Castle in the Sky:”Carrying You,and her clear, light voice brought her swiftly into fame. She is also know for singing for film My Neighbor Totoro:”Sanpo”and”My Neigbor Totoro”, and other famous work is well welcomed by most families across the lands of Japan.






Meihodo Seirensha

















Tabata Rino















Tabata Hayato


We are Seirensha, a group of people dedicated to the meticulous training of Japanese traditional performance arts in Mount Aso. In today’s performance, we would like to bring to our dear audience the sceneries of the four seasons in Japan. We hope you could enjoy the show.







Love in Kyushu, in reference to their hometown of Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu.Established 2011, this idol girl group is now active across the country and around the world. Their mission is to “Build the Bridge of Smile”. Their motto is”Always Hot”(Both translations are non-offcial).


 In this summer, 2 new member brought new power to the group.


They sang the ending them song for the anime Yo-kai Watch,and their popularity is heating up, audience group expanding. They are on their way to become”Always Hot”.