MEIHODO Co., Ltd., a Japanese investment company in the culture industry, commits itself to the investment, development, construction, and operation of facilities including film studios, cultural experience centers, etc. The company hosts various events such as forums and seminars, cultural exhibitions, and antique collections, with the goal of building a new platform for Asian cultural communication.



Meihodo, owned by the company and located at the foot of Mount Aso, Kumamoto, Japan, is a 56k-sqm manor with 28 traditional Japanese buildings, providing experience acquisition, cultural communication and sightseeing for Japanese traditions, including Zen, Martial Arts, Tea Ceremony, Ikebana (Flower Arrangement), Asian Classical Music & Dance, Architecture, etc. The manor has already accommodated many guests seeking cultural communication and experiences, as well as participating in film-making activities.


The 56k-sqm Meihodo manor consists of 28 traditional Japanese buildings whose architectural design inherits the style from the Edo era, brimming with the concept of simplicity inspired by Zen and Martial Arts. 

Our masters and experienced teachers in the Meihodo manor offer traditional Japanese cultural learning including Zen, Martial Arts, Tea Ceremony, Ikebana (Flower Arrangement), Asian Classical Music & Dance.

The Dojo is where the main classroom of most experiential learning is located. Inside the Dojo you will see a large collection of Japanese antiques from the Edo and even the Sengoku period.

The design and decoration of the Study absorb the ornament elements from the Song Dynasty in China, a witness of the history of how the ancient Chinese culture influenced eastward Japan. The study serves as an important place for the study of Confucianism and Buddhism. 

These private areas consist of facilities such as living rooms, galleries, meeting rooms, tea rooms. The galleries contain antiques from various ancient times.

Fukuoka headquarters

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1943-28, Nagakusa, Aso-shi, Kumamoto, 869-2231, Japan

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